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Buying a new home is always an exciting experience for homeowners. It is also the biggest purchase you will make in your garden.


Landscapers Dublin

Are you tired of the untidy look of your garden? Looking for expert Landscapers Dublin? Do you find it difficult to properly maintain the garden hedges at the backyard? Have you ever wondered about getting a pristine looking garden?

We understand the hardships involved to look after a garden and with all the hectic schedules and work deadlines, it is often impossible to maintain the garden.

But with our effective and trustworthy landscaper service in Dublin, you can now be rest assured of a well-planned and organised look for your garden.

We offer professional and expert landscaping solutions that will help in bringing a stark transformation to the outdoor space.

Landscaper says ‘You can achieve a big impact on a relatively small budget, even the smallest yard or balcony can become a beautiful outdoor space’.

Landscapers Dublin services are available throughout the place and all you need to do is give us a call and we will arrive at your preferred location in no time.

Our team members are qualified enough to carry out all kind of landscaping activities, involving garden designing, garden maintenance, garden construction and all kinds of tree services.

We also undertake large projects for builders and similar clients where we provide designing services to them.

We are confident of our landscaping services that are offered at amazing prices.

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Landscaping Dublin

Be it for residential or commercial spaces, the landscaping solutions are effective and long-lasting. The ground maintenance and designing solutions are contemporary and add a striking touch to the entire outdoor space.

The garden gets a wonderful look after our landscaping services are completed.

Existing gardens and backyards are renovated completely by our efficient team members with all the dried leaves, bushes and hedges properly trimmed and cleaned properly.

The maintenance of the gardens is done thoroughly which adds a tidy look to the entire property especially if your after getting home renovations done.

We take pride in our dedicated team members who come with several years of experience and professionalism. They not only offer valuable landscaping services throughout Dublin but also helps the customers with their expert advice and consultation.

Each and every team member is fully licensed and insured to offer excellent landscaping service.

Our services are budget-friendly and are ideal for both private and public properties and gardens.

By making use of modern tools and equipment for landscaping, we make sure that our services are prompt, reliable and effective. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest knowledge about the devices to make proper use of them.

If you want your garden to have a complete transformation, then give us a call and our landscapers Dublin services will be at your service.

We provide garden maintenance and landscaping services for the suburban and country garden; we maintain your garden and specialise in services that make your garden grow and look good.

You know the way your garden can look tired and your garden furniture, decking and paths around the house look grubby after a season of barbecues and a long wet winter?

What we do is restore them back to that brand new original lustre… we also maintain and “make your garden grow”!

We are passionate about what we do and take great pride in our work… we make your garden grow and you benefit from:-


We are local and a one stop shop that manages all your garden needs which means you only deal with us!


We can provide two types of pricing; an hourly rate or fixed price per job… it’s your choice!


All materials are purchased at trade price and those savings are passed directly onto you!

Landscaping Services Dublin

Providing Landscaping Services Dublin – We have been delivering high quality landscape design, landscape construction and garden maintenance services to Dublin and surrounds since 2006.

Whether you are looking to add value to your property, need a garden makeover or perhaps you want to create an oasis of calm, we can bring our skills, experience and expertise to transform your garden.

We provide a full landscaping design, construction and maintenance service in Dublin:

  • Garden Patio and Paving
  • Low Maintenance Garden Designs
  • Driveways
  • Garden Lighting
  • Garden Shed Building and Installing
  • Garden Fencing
  • Garden Planting
  • Garden Wood Decking
  • Garden Water Features
  • Wheelie Bin Covers and Screens
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Synthetic Grass Installation
  • Professional Garden Designs

Working with you from the design stage, right through too construction, we take pride in helping you achieve the bespoke garden you have always wanted.

We believe that by focusing on the basic layout and functionality and getting the hard landscaping right then your garden can be a flexible space that can be easily changed to suit the seasons or your lifestyle.

We specialise in low maintenance gardens, giving you more time to spend enjoying your space.

We are realistic about budgets and work with clients on designs that can be added to over the years as circumstances change.

Landscapers – How It Works

The Garden Design

The design service is available as a stand-alone process or more usually as part of the complete design and development process.

Availing of the design alone service can be of value particularly where a client is applying for planning permission or where a client wishes to manage a project directly or in stages.

What is involved in the design process?

We will visit the client on-site. The client will indicate his/her requirements for the garden, ranging from specific features, materials or plants, to preferences in style and ambience.

Photographs and magazines are helpful at this point in directing us along the appropriate lines.

On the visit we will photograph the site and take notes on orientation, topography, soil-type, the house or buildings, existing plants or features and the surrounding environment.

Listening carefully to information coming from the client is one of our strong points as a designer and the completed garden will always reflect the preferences of the client, informed by the creativity we have to offer.

Based on the above information we will prepare a first draft plan. Discussion with the client at this point will identify elements of the draft plan, which may require modification to suit the clients’ preferences.

The final plan can then be drawn up.

Note: The first draft plan will be accompanied by an approximate estimate of the development cost of the project. The final plan will be accompanied by a quotation for the development by Landscapers Dublin.

The Garden Development

Landscapers Dublin is comprised of a team of qualified horticulturists and crafts people who will carry out all work relating to the hard and soft landscaping to the highest standards.

We have associations with brick layers, stone masons, tillers, carpenters, metal fabricators, guttering experts, roofers Dublin and electricians with whom we work depending on the requirements of the design.

We also welcome the invitation to quote other designers/architects.

Your Garden Consultation

Our on-site consultation service may be of particular benefit to clients who wish to proceed with their own plans, but may need some technical advice on design to help them along the way.

If, after a consultation, a client decides to avail of our design and/or development services, the fees for these services will be reduced by the value of the initial consultation fee.